Roll, stroll and walk your way up our 1-mile long boardwalk. At the top you'll be treated to great views of the valley and mountainsides. Don't worry, there are plenty of places to rest along the way!

boardwalk small.jpg

Chart your course over an 8-foot wide boardwalk. It closely follows the bank of a rocky mountain trout stream. Explore wetland tundra. Turning toward a 12,300 foot mountain peak, the boardwalk begins a gentle climb through lush forests. Abundant wildflowers offer a rich tapestry of brilliant color. Blue spruce, lodgepole and bristlecone pine tress flank the mile long path that scales slowly upward along the northern slope. Following the contour of the land, the boardwalk curves over a deep gulch. Huge moss covered rock outcroppings offer a melody of color. A light wind sets aspen leaves into motion. Here, on the edge of the Continental Divide of North America, one can hear the rhythm of wilderness. For this concert, no one is left out of the theater. Contact us to learn more or make a reservation!

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