Chart your course over an 8-foot wide boardwalk. It closely follows the bank of a rocky mountain trout stream. Explore wetland tundra. Turning toward a 12,300 foot mountain peak, the boardwalk begins a gentle climb through lush forests. Abundant wildflowers offer a rich tapestry of brilliant color. Blue spruce, lodgepole and bristlecone pine tress flank the mile long path that scales slowly upward along the northern slope. Following the contour of the land, the boardwalk curves over a deep gulch. Huge moss covered rock outcroppings offer a melody of color. A light wind sets aspen leaves into motion. Here, on the edge of the Continental Divide of North America, one can hear the rhythm of wilderness. For this concert, no one is left out of the theater.


At WOW, we have options for every style of camper. We have a number of tent sites for the traditional camp experience, 5 wheelchair level "huts" as well as two cabins, one rustic and one modern for you to enjoy. Each cabin can be rented for a minimal cleaning fee.


An 8-foot wide boardwalk closely follows the bank of a meandering trout stream. Small rock dams amplify the sound of falling water. Lively brook trout can be seen darting from shallow pools to underwater caverns. Upstream, a spring-fed pond stocked with rainbow trout offers excitement for all anglers. Here, disabled and senior citizens alike are included for fishing fun!


At an elevation of over 9,000 feet, abundant wildlife inhabit the territory. Rabbits, squirrel and even the occasssional Elk and Deer can be spotted. Stellar Jays, Hummingbirds, Mountain Blue Birds, Raven and Pine Siskins are among the many birds you will find at WOW.

Photographs courtesy of Cecilia Travis