We have a stocked trout pond; disabled anglers don't need a license

fishing disabled

An 8-foot wide boardwalk closely follows the bank of a meandering trout stream. Small rock dams amplify the sound of falling water. Lively brook trout can be seen darting from shallow pools to underwater caverns. Upstream, a spring-fed pond stocked with rainbow trout offers excitement for all anglers. Here, disabled and senior citizens alike are included for fishing fun! We do have a few fishing pools available for guests on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please feel free to bring your own equipment. For our abled-anglers with a fishing license, you can try your hand in the stream that runs through the property. 

Streams, mountains, clouds and occasionally wildlife sightings!

A beautiful day at WOW. Photographs courtesy of Cecilia Travis.

At an elevation of over 9,000 feet, abundant wildlife inhabit the territory. Rabbits, squirrel and even the occasional Elk and Deer can be spotted. Stellar Jays, Hummingbirds, Mountain Blue Birds, Raven and Pine Siskins are among the many birds you will find at WOW.

Pets are allowed at WOW, but they must remain leashed at all times and you must pick up after them. 

Please, we ask that you pack in-pack out, as WOW does not have trash service. 

We've been welcoming visitors (including our furry, 4-legged friends) for 31 years and we love seeing everyone of their smiling faces!