Will Uber "kill off" wheelchair cabs?

Uber's rise and future regulation will make it more difficult for people with a disability to get around, advocacy groups have warned, unless safeguards are put in place.

Despite widespread use in Victoria, the state is yet to regulate the popular ride-sharing service and has been considering how to do it for nearly a year.

In December, NSW and Western Australia joined the ACT in legalising Uber and other ride-sharing services. Many in the Labor government believe it is "inevitable" Uber will be legalised in the state.

And while disability groups are not opposed to Uber they want measures put in place to ensure people with a disability are left in the lurch.

Taxis provide a critical service for people with a disability, with 750,000 trips taken every year in Victoria.

In the US the rise of ride-sharing services, including Uber, has seen a strain placed on people with a disability with drivers opting to work for Uber over traditional cabs. 

In San Francisco the introduction of ride-sharing saw the number of wheelchair friendly cabs drop by from 100 in 2013 to just 64 in 2015.

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