Wow, literally WOW, the summer is flying by at Wilderness on Wheels!

So far this summer we've had a Buck, Doe and Fawn take residence on our twenty acres, and if you're lucky you will see them along the mile high boardwalk. We've also had a large elk along the boardwalk. The pond has been stocked again, making for some great fishing, the hummingbirds daily sing their song, the chipmunks and black squirrels chatter at us on a daily basis. Hopefully we've also seen YOU up here :) If not, we look forward to seeing in soon!  

WOW has been getting a face lift all summer with buildings, gazebos and huts being painted, grass mowed and trimmed, bushes and trees cut back, boards replaced or repaired on both the river and mile high boardwalks, wood being split, and all being done by volunteers and especially our extra ordinary volunteer this year, Becky Harrison.  

Barbara, WOW