WOW volunteers have given over 100,000 hours of their time!

Our faithful volunteers come up every week and many come back year after year; if it not for the volunteers, WOW would not be the special place it is - they are the main reason WOW has been so successful for the last 29 years! Hundreds of volunteers are responsible in part for building and maintaining our boardwalks, huts, cabins, and the fishing pond.

All in all volunteers have donated over 100,000 hours to WOW.

Of course our Board of Directors and our On-Site Managers are all volunteers as well. Today, good friends from our Corvette Club in Denver have been at WOW cutting wood, cleaning up around our gazebos and cleaning out the huts, just in time to get WOW all prettied up for our Open House. Jerry and Chris Dale come up each and every year, and have since we met them 8 years ago, and camp in their trailer and/or rent a cabin, and then stay several days to help with the volunteer work.  

We appreciate them so much, as do we appreciate all of our volunteers.  Want to volunteer give us a call, or drop us a note on the Contact page.