Stories from WOW

We were excited this past weekend to have a group of 25 moms, dads, kids and dogs visit WOW, all having something to do with Muscular Dystrophy.  There were even folks from Colorado Springs, who got just a little lost and drove all the way to our Lakewood offices, only to find out that that was mid-city, and not wilderness area!!  After a phone call and a few more traveling instructions, the Cooper family found their way to WOW, and had a grand time.  

The 5 or 6 youngsters in wheelchairs acted like any youngsters would in the wilderness area; they hit the high and low accessible trails, they pretended to be Ninja's with their swords in one hand and the other hand on their gears or joy sticks.  Dogs followed behind or alongside depending on if they were service dogs or just family pets, and the entire group enjoyed tenting, fishing, sleeping in the huts and building bonfires in our beautiful wilderness area.  

Why not join us for a great weekday picnic or hike as well?  Or better yet, use one of our accessible huts or cabins and stay an entire weekend?  The summer is slipping away, and you would not to miss out on all of the fun.