WOW Updates

Hi everyone, Barb Cramer here, from WOW.  What a busy summer we are having.  Once the weather warmed up, and the snow stopped, and now that the river is back in it's banks (well, almost), we have had lots of campers, picnickers and volunteers enjoying our 20 acres. 

The wild flowers are in full bloom, we have a resident buck, doe and fawn roaming the wilderness area, and hummingbirds are taking over our front porches.  Such fun!! 

We would love for you all to come up to the base of Kenosha Pass and spend the day, the night, build a fire, have a cookout, fish in the pond or river, or just sit around and take in the beautiful sights.  We welcome all of you with a disability, your family and friends.  We appreciate reservations, and especially a telephone call to let us know that you are coming:  303-403-1110.  Also, put August 29th on your calendars, as that is the date of our OPEN HOUSE at WOW.