All the Way from Puerto Rico

What an awesome surprise this week at WOW, when a young man from Puerto Rico stopped by our forest area, and spent the day with us.  He took a sabatical from his job, and is touring the United States.  The altitude was a little rough on him, and it took him a while to push his wheelchair to the top of the mountain, but he made it, and loved it, took several photos, and told us that it was the highlight of his trip so far, as the forest area was so accessible to him.  We were so glad to have him spend part of his trip with all of us at WOW.  Hopefully, more of you will come up to WOW, as we're open just two more weeks, and then have to close down due to inclement weather.  Thanks for a great summer. We enjoyed seeing all of you at WOW, and welcome you back next spring.