Nearing the End

This is Colorado, and in Colorado, anytime after September it CAN and just MIGHT snow in the Rocky Mountains, so NOW is the time to hit highway 285 and travel the 65 miles from Denver to the Wilderness on Wheels forest area, as the aspen trees are gorgeous!!  This past week, the aspens really started to change color, and along the first quarter mile of the Mountain Boardwalk, the colors are out of this world. There have also been a Buck and Doe that have somewhat taken over the area, having been seen every day this week.  We've also had lots of Crows, Stellar Blue Jays, Chipmunks, Black squirrels and a host of the birds, including a duck on the pond (first time ever), and two fabulous blue Herrings, feasting off of trout in the pond.  So, take advantage of the beautiful Colorado weather, and bring your family and friends, your camera, a picnic lunch, and drive up to see WOW before the snow starts flying.